Do Babies Have Rabies?

These past few days I have been so paranoid whenever S leans his head on my shoulder. That's because a few nights ago, he thought that my shoulder looked good enough to eat and decided to take a huge bite. It hurt. It even bled a little. That little monster.

Baby bite

Luckily, he doesn't bite when he's nursing. Not intentionally, anyway. His teeth graze my nipples only when he's drifting off to sleep.

So what do you do when your baby bites the breast that feeds him? It depends on your baby's personality. If you scream, a sensitive baby might get upset, whereas a playful baby might think it's funny (and do it again to provoke a reaction). You can try to scold him, but so far that hasn't worked with S, who bites my finger when I clean his teeth.

Never pull away while your nipple is still in your baby's mouth. You can rescue your nipple by prying his mouth open with your pinkie. You can also try to push him into your breast, covering his nose and thus getting his mouth to open.

Then end the feeding and put your baby down. Hopefully, he'll get the message that while you can tolerate being a pacifier, you won't tolerate being a teether.

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