Better Late Than Never

More than half of the first month of the New Year has come and gone. Is it too late to make New Year's resolutions? Maybe not... the Chinese New Year is still a week away!

I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. Because I knew that I couldn't keep them. From what I remember, my resolutions back then were: to start eating veggies (I was a carnivore), to stop procrastinating (I still do every now and then, but not as often), and to stop daydreaming (hey, I was still a kid at that time), among others. I failed miserably year after year, so I finally stopped making resolutions altogether. Eventually, though, I started keeping those resolutions, without even making them in the first place! I now eat veggies, I don't procrastinate as often (well, maybe I still need to work on this one), and daydreaming is a luxury I have no time nor energy for -- a sign of getting old, maybe?

Anyway, a few days ago, I discovered the highly entertaining blog of Kristen, Motherhood Uncensored, and in it she invited fellow mom bloggers to post on their blog how they're going to take better care of themselves in 2009. She calls it the Year of the Mom. So I thought, why not accept her invitation and come out from my resolution-making hibernation?

I'll keep it simple. Just 2 resolutions on how to take better care of myself for 2009.

1. Get off my butt and exercise more -- I may be slim, but I do need some muscle tone. Especially on my flabby mommy abs.

2. Start the process of becoming a vegetarian -- or even a vegetarian who occasionally eats meat.

So, here's to hoping I'll get to keep them!

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